School Closure Information


Information in the event of a school closure

Below we outline all plans in the event of a school closure. Although we can not predict or prepare for every situation, we are able to ensure there is some continuity and certainty for students if closure were to be possible. All continuity of learning plans will be in place whether closure is public health related or an adverse weather event.

Please ensure you follow all directions of Queensland Health and the Public Health Service or the Emergency Services.

Public Health Related Incidents

In the event a staff member or student tests positive or is required to self-quarantine.

  1. When the Public Health Unit notifies of a positive result, you are required to inform contact tracers whether you have been at school & immediately notify the Principal on 0439669489 of the positive result.
  2. If you are required to self-quarantine as a result of being a close contact with someone who has tested positive, you must provide correspondence to the school to ensure correct information is recorded in the system.
  3. Always follow the Public Health Unit or QLD Health instructions and communicate with the school for continuity of learning.

In the event of a positive case linked to school

  • When notified by Public Unit of a positive case – follow all QLD Health Instructions. Please note, we must follow all procedures as defined by our department, you will be notified by the Principal as soon as QLD Health and the South East Regional Office have provided the correspondence. We appreciate your patience.
  • Principal to initiate school closure – following Public Health Units instructions.
  • Business Manager to email letter template to all families advising of PHU instructions.
  • Principal to text all families advising of PHU instructions and to await further information from classroom teachers.
  • Classroom teachers to prepare letter template and materials for deployment.
  • Principal to inform community of how to contact school if needed.
  • All planned events to be cancelled.
  • Continuity of learning plan to be enacted within 1 school day of notification.

Continuity of Learning Plan

At the beginning of the year students will be sent home with a “School Closure Pack". This pack will contain a writing book, a white board marker, a “dry erase board" and a writing pencil. This will be enclosed in a plastic wallet and should only be opened in the event of school closure. It is not to be used for homework or any other circumstances. Within one day of school closure, teachers will contact parents with the log in information to their student's work. Work will be provided online to prevent an exhaustive amount of printing but is not required to be completed online.

Parents will be provided with a Week 1 (as in Week 1 of closure) matrix. There will be enough work for 30 mins of English and Math per day plus one activity for each other subject we do at school each week. It will be activities which can be completed at home with ease. If the closure is extended, we will provide further weeks of learning. All instructions will be step by step and provided by teachers if the school closes.

In the event of an adverse weather event.

  • If there is an adverse weather event requiring a school closure longer than 2 days then we may enact the continuity of learning plan.
  • Parents will be notified of extended school closures through the Principal (via text) and Business Manager (via email).
  • Teachers will then email out the information to access the continuity of learning plan and the school closure kit that is kept at home may be used. ​​

Last reviewed 02 December 2021
Last updated 02 December 2021